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“Welcome to Sonian Digital Consulting, your trusted partner for Sumo Logic log management and SIEM solutions. With years of experience and a team of former Sumo Logic employees, we’re based in Silicon Valley, delivering excellence in log flows, tenant configuration, SIEM deployment(s) and tuning, etc. Join us on the transformative journey to operational excellence.”

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Welcome to Innovate Tech Solutions, a trusted name in the technology industry. Based in Silicon Valley, California, we are dedicated to providing top-notch tech solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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Explore our track record of success and client satisfaction, backed by impressive numbers that showcase our accomplishments in the technology industry.


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Over 10 years of tech expertise for any challenge.


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Our customers rate us 500+, reflecting their satisfaction and trust in our exceptional service.


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Our team has completed over 1000 successful projects, delivering innovative solutions with outstanding results.


Experienced Technology Professionals

Delivering top-notch service to 50+ satisfied customers, exceeding expectations every day.

Innovate Tech Solutions transformed our business with seamless system integration.

Carson Horwitt

CEO, Sonian Digital

Log Management Solutions for Your Business

Welcome to Sonian Digital, your premier partner for enterprise log management, system integration, and SIEM consulting. Empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Log Management Solutions

Custom logging solutions tailored to your environment to ingest the logs you need.

Compliance Solutions

Streamline your business processes with seamless compliance identification. Maximize productivity and achieve operational synergy.

Strategic SIEM Consulting Services

Expert IT consultants drive your business forward with strategic rule creation and tuning specific to your business.

Let Sonian Digital transform your log management solution in to the product it was meant to be!

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